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Indoor Air Quality Quiz

It’s a common misconception that comfort is based on air temperature alone. INDOOR AIR QUALITY (IAQ) is just as important as how hot/cold your home is. The air quality in and around your home affects the health and comfort of your family. Poor IAQ may lead to allergies, nose bleeds, frequent illness, dust buildup, and lingering smells. Common causes of poor IAQ are mold, allergens (dust, pet dander), VOCs (volatile organic compounds like aerosol and cleansers), and bacteria/viruses.
Take our quiz below to determine if your home could use an air quality upgrade.
If you checked 3 or more of these boxes, your indoor air quality may be suffering. Ask our team about a recommendation based on which boxes you checked.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Air Scrubber Advanced

• 50 times more effective than traditional HVAC filtration
• Protect your home from dust, germs, odors, pet dander and viruses
• Destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants

Air Scrubber Advanced

Protect Your Investments

Compressor Defender

Protect your home’s HVAC equipment from power surges or fluctuations
• Provides peace of mind during a storm or brown out
• Indicator lights assure you that your equipment is being protected

Compressor defender.

Surge Protector

• Protect your home’s HVAC equipment from power surges or fluctuations
• Provides peace of mind during a storm or brown out
• $7,500 connected equipment coverage
• 3 year warranty

surge protector

Voltage Monitor

• Easy installation and setup
• Built-in 40A Contactor
• Waterproof, NEMA–rated 3R enclosure for outdoor use
• Protects against over and under voltage, rapid short cycling caused by transients, and high-power surges

voltage monitor

Honeywell Leak and Freeze Detector

• Protect against water damage, frozen pipes, or humidity that can damage valuables
• Receive alerts on your smart phone
• Set up in any location where monitoring for water leaks, humidity, or extreme temperatures is desired

Honeywell leak and freeze detector

Condensate Trap

• Easily see any build up in your condensate drain
• Flexible clean out brush included
• Use the clean out ports to clear any clogs – or call your service contractor for help

condensate trap

Take Control of Your Comfort

Wi-Fi Nexia Thermostat

• Remote comfort control via computer, tablet or smartphone
• Create up to six daily heating and cooling schedules
• 5-day weather forecast and weather radar
• Filter, maintenance and humidifier reminders


Flair Puck Pro

• Easy-to-use controls on iOS, Android, and web app
• Acts as its own gateway so no hub needed
• Supports temperature display in Fahrenheit and Celsius
• E-ink display


Google Nest Pro

• Programs itself, creates a personalized schedule for you
• Pays for itself through energy savings
• Turns itself down when you leave the house
• Control it from anywhere
• Monitor daily energy use

Google Nest Pro

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

• 7 day, 5-2, or 5-1-1 programmable, or use as non-programmable
• Simple push-button functionality
• Automatic filter change reminders


Honeywell TH9 Series Wi-Fi Thermostat

• On-screen Wi-Fi connection process HONEYWELL TH9 SERIES WI-FI THERMOSTAT
• Tool-free wiring, manual-free install and setup
• Universal Application up to 3H/2C heat pump and 2H/2C conventional